YouTube MP3 Not Working

YouTube-MP3 Not Working Resolved

YouTube-MP3 Not Working? See How to Resolve The Problem

Tried accessing YouTube-MP3 but could not?  Why am I not surprised?  Unfortunately, all web-based programs or applications stop working every now and then.  Moreover, in the recent months, Google has sent a legal letter addressed to preventing them from offering downloading services. is a popular YouTube-to-MP3 downloading site that requires Java to work. However, Java has been disabled by default on Mac because of its defectiveness. Now maybe it's time to use a more secure and effective means to download YouTube to MP3.

The desktop YouTube to MP3 downloader is safer and more reliable then online downloader sites like  One of the best desktop YouTube to MP3 converter is Wondershare AllMyTube. 

Different from, this YouTube to MP3 converter works more like an addon but has a more to offer than that.  Using this, you will be able to download any YouTube video with just a click.  No more of those copying and pasting URLs.  Also, you can choose to convert the video to another video format or extract MP3 or other audio file formats from the video you just downloaded.  AllMyTube is totally compatible with the most recent and leading systems, Mac and Windows (Mountain Lion and Windows 8).

Download YouTube-MP3 Alternative Download YouTube-MP3 Alternative

How to Fix 'YouTube-MP3 Not Working' Problem

Because YouTube-MP3 utilizes a Java extension (plug-in) to convert YouTube to MP3, the minute that Java is disabled, it will stop functioning. So you can simply install the latest version of Java and enable it in your browser. To enable Java, follow this link after you have downloaded and installed Java in your browser.

Download YouTube-MP3 for Mac Alternative

As for a YouTube-MP3.ORG alternative solution, we highly recommend Wondershare AllMyTube for Mac. It's one of the best YouTube to MP3 downloader that natively supports Mac. It enables you to set MP3 as the output format and integrates a Download button to your web browser so you can directly download YouTube to MP3 without leaving your web browser. Try it now for free.

Download YouTube-MP3 Alternative Download YouTube-MP3 Alternative

Easy to Download Online Video without YouTube-MP3.ORG

1Run YouTube-MP3 for Mac

YouTube-MP3 Not Working

3 ways to download video on Mac OS X Mavericks

2Download YouTube Video

YouTube-MP3 Not Working

Download it right from your web browser

3Convert YouTube to MP3

YouTube-MP3 Not Working 3

Convert video to MP3 or virtually any format

YouTube-MP3 Alternative Video Tutorial

Download YouTube-MP3 Alternative Download YouTube-MP3 Alternative

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