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Savevid Not Working Resolved

Savevid Not Working? Fix It or Find a Savevid Alternative

Lately, there have been a lot of Yahoo Answers users reporting to have encountered issues with the website.  Nowhere is this more evident than those users running Mac OS X.  The reason for this is Apple came up with Java updates that disable Java in all of your browsers all at the same time.  As a result of this, any online video downloader that is based on Java will surely encounter failure.  Examples of these sites include Savevid, Keepvid and a lot more.

Here we will introduce you to two solutions:  First is how you can repair the 'Savevid Not Working' issue by enabling Java and the second is getting an alternative desktop software to Savevid, like Wondershare AllMyTube.  This application is not online and will not stop functioning.  One of the more important if not the most important feature of AllMyTube is that it adds a download button on every video that it supports so that you can directly download your favorite online videos in just a single click, all without leaving your browser.  It is seamlessly integrated to your favorite browsers:  Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

How to Repair the 'Savevid Not Working' Issue by Enabling Java

First, on your Safari browser on your Mac, go to Preferences then go to Security and choose "Enable Java".  For Windows browsers like Internet Explorer, go to Tools, find the Internet Options tab, then the Security tab and click on the Custom Level.  Once there, scroll down to the Scripting of Java applets and make certain that the Enable radio button is ticked.
For more details on how to enable Java on other popular web browsers, please visit here.

Use a Savevid Alternative Program if Savevid is Not Functioning

Enabling your Java unfortunately doesn't mean that you won’t be having any sorts of issues.  You need to get a more secure and reliable solution for downloading videos from the web. 

Wondershare AllMyTube is an excellent choice as it is a video downloading software that does not rely on Java.  Using this application, all you have to do is visit YouTube video you want to download and click on the Download button and the almost instantly the videos starts downloading.  It's exceptionally simple and convenient to use.  Aside from the YouTube site, Wondershare AllMyTube can also be used in many of the other video-sharing websites.  This feature of Wondershare AllMyTube guarantees that you don’t need any other program for your video downloading demands.

Download Savevid Alternative Download Savevid Alternative

Easy to Download Web Video without Savevid

1Run Savevid for Mac

Savevid not working

3 ways to download video on Mac OS X Mavericks

2Watch and Download Video

Savevid not working

Download it right from your web browser

3Convert Video Fast

Savevid not working 3

Convert video to any format or mobile devices

Savevid Alternative Desktop Video Downloader Demo

Download Savevid Alternative Download Savevid Alternative

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