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PSP YouTube Downloader: Download YouTube Videos for Playing on PSP

Are you interested to find out if it is at all feasible to play videos downloaded from popular video-sharing websites such as YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Google Video, etc., on your PSP? Well, count several other people in. PSP or PlayStation Portable allows its users to not only play games on the device but also watch videos. However, a lot of people may find that PSP does not support videos downloaded from the different video-sharing websites as it only supports MPEG-4 files. What then needs to be done? People need not fret. Here is an excellent solution to this downloading problem for Mac and Windows PC user.

What they actually need is a third-party video downloader app as YouTube does not allow direct downloading from their site. For this, I recommend Wondershare AllMyTube for Mac. This professional program allows people to grab and save videos posted on MySpace, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and other sites so they can watch them on their PSPs. With just a single click, downloading has never been this easy. People can also grab and save videos on other gaming device, Android or Apple, as well as video editing programs as they can easily convert those videos to preset formats compatible with the device. If you're a Windows PC user, download the Wondershare AllMyTube for Windows version instead. The following is a detailed guide of how to download videos from YouTube using this app.

Download YouTube for PSP Download YouTube for PSP

Part 1: How to Download YouTube Video on Mac

After installed Wondershare AllMyTube for Mac, you're provided with 3 ways to download YouTube to your Mac hard drive.

Option 1 - The Integrated Download Button. Go to play the video you want to download. Normally you'll find a download button at the top right corner of the video player.

Option 2 - The Paste URL Button. Copy any video URL and click the Paste URL button in the program.

Option 3 - Drag and Drop the URL. Simply drag and drop the video URL from your web browser to the program interface and the video will start downloading quickly.

Mac Video Downloader

You're able to download up to 8 YouTube videos at the same time. Unlimited video can be added to the download queue.

When downloads finished, you can find them in the Downloaded tab of Wondershare youtube downloader.

Part 2: How to Convert YouTube Video

Wondershare AllMyTube for Mac helps you convert the downloaded video and existing FLV/MP4/WebM video to virtually any format you want. It's also a powerful video converter from this point.

To convert the downloaded video, first go to the Downloaded tab, and then click the Convert button at the right of the video bar. In the resulting window, go to Game Devices category and choose PSP from the list. Then click OK to start converting YouTube video to PSP-playable format. Right click the video and select "Locate Converted File" to find the converted file.

Convert YouTube to PSP Video

Part 3: Transfer YouTube video to PSP

It's easy to transfer the converted YouTube video to your PSP's memory card. Simply connect your PSP to your Mac, or take the Memory Stick Duo card off your PSP and connect it via a card reader or memory stick adaptor. You can then put the PSP-compatible video to the MP_ROOT/100MNV01 folder. To play transferred YouTube video on PSP, go to menu VIDEO > Memory Stick, locate and play the video on PSP without any hassle.

Download YouTube for PSP Download YouTube for PSP

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