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YouTube to MPEG Downloader: Download and Convert YouTube to MPEG

MPEG is a popular video and audio format. Because it allows people to save compressed, high-quality files, it is used worldwide to create movies downloaded from the web. In addition to that, MPEG can be read and played using popular media players such as Windows Media Player, Winamp, QuickTime, and other similar apps. So if you're interested in grabbing and downloading YouTube videos, you may also want to convert youTube to MPEG format. So how does one download YouTube videos to MPEG format? This article will introduce you to a solution that will best suit these downloading needs.

Wondershare AllMyTube for Mac is the most secure and professional YouTube to MPEG downloader and converter. Download and install this app and it will automatically detect videos being played on your browser and allow you to download them directly. You can download videos with just a click of your mouse right from your web browser.

Also, you can convert these downloaded videos or any of your own videos to all popular formats, including MPEG/MPG, of course. On the other hand, if you're a Windows PC user, you can download the AllMyTube for Windows version. The following is a detailed guide on how you can download and convert YouTube video to MPEG format.

Download YouTube to MPEG Download YouTube to MPEG

Step 1: 3 Ways to Download YouTube Video on Mac

After installed Wondershare AllMyTube for Mac, you're provided with 3 ways to download YouTube to your Mac hard drive: the Download Button, the Paste URL button and Drag URL.

My favorite is the integrated Download button in my Safari. I will go to play the video I want to download as usual. When the download button appears at the top right corner of the video player, I simply click it to start downloading a YouTube video.

Mac Video Downloader

When downloads finished, you can find them in the Downloaded tab of Wondershare youtube downloader.

Step 2: Convert YouTube Video to MPEG Files

To convert the downloaded video, first go to the Downloaded tab, and then click the Convert button to the right. In the resulting window, go to Video category and choose MPEG from the list. Then click OK to start converting YouTube video to MPEG format.

Convert YouTube to MPEG Video

Step 3: Play the Converted MPEG Video

In the Downloaded tab, right click the video and select "Locate Converted File" to find the converted MPEG files. Or you can copy and transfer to any device that supports MPEG video format.

Download YouTube to MPEG Download YouTube to MPEG

Shortcut: By enabling the "Download then Convert" mode - which allows you to preset the final format of the downloaded video - you can directly download YouTube to any specified format right from your browser. This is very useful if you usually download YouTube to the same format.

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